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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I do to prepare for the installation process?
    In rooms, we ask that you move smaller breakables, clothing, electronics, etc… from floors and tops of furniture, to allow our installers to work at maximum efficiency. In closets, please move at least clothes hanging below waist level, and items on floor. If needed, you can make arrangements for the installer to move the larger furniture for you. Please have curious pets or children relocated to other parts of the house, as installers will need to go in and out doors multiple times during installation, and often use sharp tools. Fragile wall hangings should also be removed before installation. In colder months, please ensure the space it at least 60 degrees, so the carpet is flexible enough to work with and stretch properly. In warmer months, please keep in mind installation is hard work, so any ventilation / fans / air conditioning in the space is appreciated!
  • How long will my install take?
    Installation time varies with size and difficulty. Most basic carpeted staircases take half a day, and wall to wall spaces usually around 400-500 square feet a day. Please keep in mind these are estimates and may be subject to change. Don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions you might have!
  • Will the installer(s) move my furniture before installing my wall to wall project?
    Yes. While many of our customers move their own furniture before installation, we do offer the service of furniture moving. Cost is based on the size and quantity of furniture being moved. Furniture moving is assessed during the measuring process. Contact us with any additional questions about furniture moving in your project.
  • Will you take up my old carpet before installing?
    Yes. We will rip up and dispose of your old carpet and padding, and sweep / prep for new pad/carpeting or flooring in the process.
  • Will there be a seam when my carpet is installed?
    In some cases, yes, there will need to be one or more seams in the space. This depends entirely on the size of the area, and most larger rooms have at least one seam. Our professional installers are very experienced at making seams, and in many cases seams are only minimally visible. If you wish, you may discuss seam placement with us at the time of a measurement.
  • Is there any way to see how my carpet, runner, and/or flooring will look?
    Try "Googling" the style name and color of the product and see if there is an image of the finished look, or check out our Instagram page @carpetremnant! We post pictures of installations all the time, get inspired by other people’s staircases, spaces, and more!
  • I found a carpet/flooring/area rug style online that I liked, do you carry it?
    Possibly! Contact us if you have the style and manufacturer name of the product you're looking for, and if you’re just trying to match a color/pattern you liked, chances are we have something similar, if not identical to it. Email us a picture and we’ll get back to you!
  • When should I paint?
    It is recommended to paint at least 2-3 days before your carpet installation to allow for the paint to fully harden. We also recommend priming trim before painting for the topcoat of paint to adhere fully. You may also wait to paint until after the carpet has been installed, of course. Please note that due to the abrasive nature of carpet backing and the fact that the backing must make contact with walls and baseboards, some scratching of either may occur. Also, in some instances, the new carpet could be a different height than the old carpet, revealing a gap in previously painted baseboards.
  • What is your service area?
    Our service area includes most of the South Shore and Upper Cape communities. Please don't hesitate to reach out and see if we can accomodate your area, we'd love to earn your business!
  • Did you move locations?
    Yes! To our returning customers: We are still in Plymouth, we moved a little further down the main road on Camelot Drive to number 129!
  • Do I have to make an appointment to visit the showroom?
    No, at least one salesperson is on staff to help walk-in customers during business hours with no appointment required. However, for larger projects, or customers requesting assistance with decorating / design, colors, or specific details, appointments are suggested.
  • How should I clean my new rug or carpet?
    For looped and wool carpets we recommend the use of a vacuum with no beater bar / raised beater bar (to avoid pulling/fraying loops). Some of our favorite vacuum brands are Oreck, Miele, Shark, and Hoover. We do not recommend many of the Dyson vacuums, finding that they are often too powerful, and the brushes too abrasive for carpet. For minor stains we suggest trying a few drops of dish soap with warm water first. For extensive stains, or professional cleaning, we recommend The Clean Team in Kingston. Also, they have a spot removal guide on their website for treatment of specific stains.
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